Animal totems of blue recycled denim – Classic series

These animal totems represent the Classic Series of our recycled denim product offer and underpin your spiritual power. They are completely made out of handpicked upcycled denim and provide a perfect gift for those looking for a present with a low carbon footprint. All our products are produced in a sheltered workshop in the Netherlands. Every animal totem is handmade and unique, so distinctiveness is assured. Conscious craftsmanship is our passion therefore they are made with love.

Animal totems of black recycled denim – Black series

In the Black Series we bring you to the dark side of recycled denim with shades of black, grey and white.  You will find the Swan totem in black recycled denim and the Panda in more colour variations of recycled denim in the Black series. All of these are made with love and the utmost attention to detail.

About us

MAISON INDIGO was founded in the Netherlands in 2010 by Myriam Mense. With over 20 years of experience of designing in the sports and fashion industry for huge corporate companies we felt the urge to create objects with a small carbon footprint. Entirely focused on recycling denim and setting up a socially responsible production to ensure conscious craftsmanship. Since then we have worked with multiple sheltered workshops within the Netherlands supporting the labour of people with disabilities by empowering them to participate in producing our designs. Made with love in the Netherlands!

MAISON INDIGO only uses hand selected recycled denim, guaranteeing uniqueness.

MAISON INDIGO embraces the awkward, finds beauty in the disproportioned and inspiration in the unexpected. We head for the hearts of the few rather than the minds of the masses. Distinctiveness is assured and therefore each item is unique.

MAISON INDIGO has appeared in international fashion and design savvy blogs, newspapers and magazines such as MILK, NAÏV, MAMA, MOUSE and JAN and has been featured at Premier Vision Paris and KingpinShow Amsterdam.

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